Attention Back Pain & Sciatica Sufferers! Free Back Pain Workshop

“Learn To Manage Low Back Pain & Sciatica Without Medication, Injections, or Surgery”



Saturday, Apr 07th
10:00 AM
1110 Cedar Court Carbondale, IL 62901

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    You’ve missed work due to sciatica or back pain

  • 2

    You’ve missed out on family vacation or activities you love because you’re afraid of aggravating your sciatica

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    You’ve found yourself worrying more about your pain, numbness, and tingling rather than living your life.

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    You've TRIED EVERYTHING and just want to get back to normal.

Subrat Bahinipati

What Do Others Have To Say About The Back Pain Workshop?

"At the beginning of my therapy, my expectation centered mostly around relief of my severe pain especially back pain. After four sessions I realized that I was improving not only my physical pain but also my life style approach to chronic worries and anxiety as well as constant stress. Something amazing happen my feeling came back on my foot which I lost it for years. Very satisfying and calming. My experience being treated here can be compared to coming out of a dark rainy night into a bright and calm spring day. Thank you kindly for all you did for me. John Pieczka"

John P.

I have been in pain for over 14 years. I have had multiple procedures and surgeries in different parts of my body. I have recently had foot surgery twice. While trying to heal from surgery, I was trying to get up from my bed at night, fell and broke my vertebrae L-2 in my back. I had excruciating pain in my back, could not move, and haven’t been able to lift my left leg up on my own. The results I have received from Synergy have been life changing for me. I can now lift my leg and I am starting my recovery with so much less pain. I am also walking now. I feel so much better because of Synergy. Krista M.

Krista M.

I am 85 years old and pretty much lost hope when came to Synergy. I was having intense pain in my foot and lower back for last several years, had several back surgeries, injections and been to several doctors. Nothing was helping me; I started using cane to prevent falls. I always felt uncoordinated and barely do my household work. I live alone so I have to do all my work myself. I love going to church and play piano there. I have stopped doing that. Looking at my overall condition it appeared to me as if I have no other choice than going to nursing home. At the nick of the time I called Synergy (which office I looked at from outside for several years thinking they might able to help, but never called) for free screening and that’s how my journey to betterment started. Now I feel like a different person and almost forgot that was thinking of landing in nursing home. I feel normal which I forgot over the years. I drive around with friends and families go to get together which I could not do for years. People even ask me how therapy can help me to look younger and make my skin glow. No injection, no medication just the therapy at Synergy gave me this relief from pain and freedom to enjoy my life. I wish more people rather than feeling sorry for them self-do something about it and enjoy their life more.

Marylyn H.

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